Timothy & Terri Eddington

Welcome to LegacyPlayMaker.com. This is Legacy Photography LLC's Event and Sports site that allows you to purchase previously photographed images. Timothy and Terri Eddington, owners of Legacy Photography, live by the philosophy that it is both an honor and a privilege to be chosen to chronicle the most memorable times of people’s lives. When a client chooses Legacy Photography to document milestones in their families lives, they believe it is their responsibility to create and capture images that will be treasured for generations. Terri’s baccalaureate from Louisiana Tech is in Fine Arts. The experience gathered in the use of mediums such as oils, pen and ink, watercolors, and chalks give her unique insights in layout and design that are integrated into her photographic pieces. Timothy is best known for his work in sports photography. Tim’s ability to freeze time, and to capture images that allow you to feel the essence of a moment make his action photography riveting. Both Tim and Terri have won numerous State, Regional, National, and International awards for their photography. Timothy and Terri are both current PPA International Photographers of the Year. Legacy Photography’s diversity in creating memorable images along with the many styles and types of photography they can render allow them to be whatever YOU (The Client) want them to be. Available Internationally – Consultations by Appointment
If you have further questions about our other photography, you can follow the link back to our main website, and email us on the contact page. For immediate questions our business phone is 318-688-2460.

Thank you for looking and God Bless! Timothy & Terri Eddington - Legacy Photography LLC
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